Our Services

Environmental Site Inspections

Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) have been developed to evaluate environmental issues at any site.

Impact Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the process of assessing the likely environmental impacts of a proposal and identifying options to minimize environmental damage.  

Ground Contamination Assessments

Used to evaluate the potential for a pollution linkage and to consider the level of risk and whether any actions are required to manage or mitigate the risk. We can assess both land and water impacts.

Existing Contamination Assessment

Contaminate spill on a job? 

Have it properly assessed to mitigate risk and  initiate a proper response.

Contaminated site remediation reports, including remedial action plans.

Pre-Purchase Property Assessments

 Some people take a used car to a mechanic before they buy. Most people hire a building inspector to check out a house they wish to purchase. You should do the same when considering a property purchase. Performing an environmental site assessment prior to acquiring a property can minimize risk.

Navigating the Bureaucracy

  We can guide you through the environmental and regulatory processes. We have experience with the regulatory protocols that must be followed. We will make sure that all forms and permits are acquired to avoid costly delays with your enterprise.